Facility and Features


In the nature...

Hotel Yavuz Bungalow is in the nature, between smells of the rose and orange trees. Hotel Yavuz Bungalow is one of the closest to the sea.

Book & Hammock

Book & Hammock duo, provides that chillaxing and to get calm in your holiday. Hotel Yavuz Bungalow has available hammocks for the visitors.

3 Kilometer Beach

Hotel Yavuz Bungalow which is in the between Olympos Antique City and Çıralı, offers you a wonderful holiday with nature and sea view.

Welcome To Hotel Yavuz Bungalow

Think about a day when around dawn in Çıralı. When the sun rises and says hello to the day with all of the redness, you can start a peaceful day with chicken, rooster and peacock noises in the our garden.

If you wish,  you can swim at the early morning hours before  breakfast, and then later you can have your breakfast.
Then If you wish you can get rest while reading your books on the sunbeds and on the hammocks,
under the orange trees,
away from terrible city noises, traffic troubles and the business stress. We’re waiting you to Çıralı for sharing these amazing beauties.

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